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Jeremy Markiz

Take Charge of Your Learning


Hi there! I'm Rabbi Jeremy Markiz. 

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I'm passionate about a great many things: Learning, becoming a better human being, that chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination of flavors ever.

Most of all, I'm passionate about being on YOUR team. We're on a journey, striving to the best human beings we can be. I want to bring what helps me, Torah and the Jewish Tradition, to you, in a way that makes sense.

Take some time, explore what's going on and be in touch. If you're not finding something, it doesn't mean you can't have it, it just means it is not yet on this website. So definitely reach out.

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I'm busy doing a lot of creating.


This video series, every Monday (if possible), we explore the meaning and relevant application of lessons from the tractate Berachot from the Mishnah.

The Rashi Club

This new opportunity will send you a monthly email with a Torah verse and an accompanying comment by Rashi (famous rabbi) explained in PLAIN ENGLISH.



Take a listen at my podcasting projects: MindLox and the Rabbinic Journey Podcast

It is going down on Instagram, you should probably be following me there.