Blessings over Fear - Hanukkah 2018

Each year, around Hanukkah, at this dark time. I review the laws and the texts that surround the holiday. And each and every year I learn something new.

With the context of our country, I realized:

“Imagine a time when trust has been broken, faith has been shattered, and there is infighting amongst brothers and sisters. This is the context of the Hanukkah story.

And yet, what we focus on is a miracle.”

There is much to be learned.

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Teaching without a Hiddush

Teaching for impact without the “wow” - 

On Shabbat, I taught a piece of text from the Shulkhan Arukh at a moment in our service for learning. It was suggested to me by my rav when I was trying to figure out what to teach. I looked up a bunch of references, but all in all, the text stood by itself. Little more was said on it that the words themselves.

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Standing with Black Lives and with Israel Cannot be Mutually Exclusive

...For the next two hours, I listened. I listened to black women who spoke of challenges and concerns that my white male privilege has shielded me from. I listened to black women who prayed for resolution, strength, and protection. I listened to black women who wanted justice. Beside them, supporting them, and in their name, I chanted, "we're on the people's side", "trust Black women", and "Black lives matter."...

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