A Prayer for Peace: Friday, July 8

A Prayer for Peace

Praised are you, Holy One, who coaxes us towards peace, wholeness, and justice, may it be your will that we can work together to end this violence. No person should need to fear those who purport to do justice. No police officer should need use violence against African-Americans who wish only to live their lives, nor be in danger themselves for those who seek true and righteous justice.

May it be your will that we continue to stand by those families and communities who are full of pain, suffering, and loss. Let us not get tired of the innumerable tasks at hand, for we have justice that we must pursue. 

Give us the strength to bring close those we disagree with and not to scream at them from afar, in order that we can make true justice and wholeness together.

May it be your will that we can end gun violence and police violence and "be the students of Aaron the Kohen, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving our fellow creatures, and drawing them near to the Torah."

Holy One, help us help ourselves.