I Fixed My Own Sink

Contrary to public opinion in my house, I’m pretty handy.

We’ve had this bathroom sink issue for the last few weeks. It hasn’t been draining. We procrastinated and procrastinated and this evening, I decided that I’ve had enough.

I just want to wash my hands without a gross puddle afterwards.

So I did what we all can do now — I googled it, found a video, and got to work. Twenty minutes later, as planned, it was fixed! All in all, I learned a new skill and began to have a better understanding of all those pipes under the sink.

A few real takeaways though, if we’re going to apply this little episode to the rest of my life:

  1. Frustration is an incredible motivator.
  2. With a little patience, most things can be figured out.
  3. If I don’t know something, I can ask for help.

This little victory is silly in the short term. But I don’t want to work in the short term anymore in my life, I’m striving for the long term (and so should you). As such, this little victory is about taking problems in my own life and handling them. It means that when I don’t know something (which is often), I ask. It means that I’ve trained myself to that much more self-sufficient. It means that I can be proud that I’ve fixed something that was bothering me.

It means I can wash my hands without a gross puddle afterwards. Total win.

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