Light on the other side of my eyelids

This morning, I actually sat down to meditate.

In particular, this was nice because I don’t always make the time that I know I have. No excuses, play like a champion. Do the thing that improves your mental space.

That’s the conversation I have with myself on the regular.

In any case, this morning, I decided to sit for ten minutes. Not that long. I had plenty of time and the wherewithal.

Using Insight Timer, I sat comfortably on the couch, with a simple mindfulness meditation.

As my meditation teacher taught me many years ago, we adjust our focus without judgement.

My couch, a light green and soft is near the window. Outside it is 15 degrees outside and lightly snowing. It occurred to me, sitting there, that the light became lighter and lighter. I pondered this pseudo-image in my mind. With my eyelids closed, I was seeing the world around me in a new way. It was metaphoric.

As we slow down, the world can become brighter. We have to be paying attention.

I knew that the world outside was pretty dismal. Cold, freezing really, wet, and required many things from me. And yet, bright, lovely, and encouraging.

At least with my eyes closed, meditating.

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