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Standing with Black Lives and with Israel Cannot be Mutually Exclusive

...For the next two hours, I listened. I listened to black women who spoke of challenges and concerns that my white male privilege has shielded me from. I listened to black women who prayed for resolution, strength, and protection. I listened to black women who wanted justice. Beside them, supporting them, and in their name, I chanted, "we're on the people's side", "trust Black women", and "Black lives matter."...

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The Voices of our Brothers and Sisters

I was sitting in the large sanctuary when the rabbi announced that there had been another mass shooting, in Florida. The pit in my stomach returned and I sank into my seat. The giant walls of the room, their beautiful stained glass, the bima became gray in my sight. Another shooting. More dead. At that point, I did not know the extent of the violence, the numbers, the hate. 

When I returned home, I was informed that nearly fifty people had been murdered in a gay club in Orlando, Florida, and an untold amount of people injured. 

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Demanding Nuance

In our time, it has become easier to marginalize opinions and people we disagree with. We read different newspapers, we watch different television, and we barely communicate with each other on subjects of which we disagree

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