B'nei Mitzvah

One's B'nei Mitzvah has the potential to be a powerful transition in a young person's life. It is at this point when the Jewish Tradition begin's to see them as able to take on communal responsibilities. They can be counted as a member in good standing in the community and be expected to begin the process of maturing for themselves.

Today, we begin with the ritual expectations: Torah reading, Haftarah reading, leading prayers, and giving a sermon (D'var Torah/Drash). These skills can be difficult and need time to develop. The beauty of learning them at a young age is that once they have them, they can use them forever. Attaining some of these basic skills means that they can become part of any Jewish community in any part of the world. 

Just like so much in the Tradition, it is best to learn with a teacher. 

If you're interested in having someone help your young person learn these skills or others, I'd love to begin that conversation with you.