7: Finding Torah and Dystopian Worlds

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(00:50) Segment 1 - How do you find your torah when you teach? 

Rabbi David Kasher - Parshanut.com
Bar Ilan University
Yeshivat Har Etzion - VBM
Nechama Lebowitz
Mayanna Shel Torah
Kiddushat Levi
R. Adam Kligfeld

(14:00) What suggestions would you give to others about exploring Torah for themselves?

James Harden

(16:35) - What Torah have you needed in the last two weeks?

Kulam - Pardes Institute

(21:25) Segment 2 - Dystopian Worlds - What is your favorite dystopian story?

Demolition Man
The Running Man
The Escape From LA / Escape From NY
Battle Royale
V for Vendetta
Logan’s Run
The Warriors
Blade Runner
Mad Max
Man in the High Castle

(30:03) Segment 3 - Media Takes of the Week

Richard Spencer getting punched in the face (Meme) (Gangham Style)

Migos (Music)
Series of Unfortunate Events (TV)

The OA (TV)
The Weeds (Podcast)
1984 (Book)

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