2.9 - #MondayMishnah Brachot 2:2

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Text: Mishnah Brachot 2:2

These are the section breaks: Between the first and second blessings, between the second blessing and Shema, and between Shema and Vehayah im shamoa [second paragraph of the Shema], between Vehayah im shamoa and Vayomer [third paragraph of Shema], between Vayomer and Emet veyatsiv [blessing after Shema]. Rabbi Yehuda says: Between Vayomer and Emet veyatsiv -- one may not pause. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Karchah said: Why does Shema precede Vehayah im shamoa? So that one may accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven first, and after that accept the yoke of the commandments. And [why does] Vehayah im shamoa [precede] Vayomer? Because Vehayah im shamoa applies during the day and at night, and Vayomer only applies during the day.